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Who Shall We Choose to Serve Now?

I have chosen to come out and call out some of the fleshly behavior that has characterized the church of the Lord Jesus Christ in recent years. There are a number of standards we need to look at to consider whether we are really GODS church or we are OUR OWN church.

1-The church of the Lord Jesus is an apostolic and prophetic church. That is that it is founded upon the authority of the scriptures and not on some manmade doctrines and preferences. The bible is the sole arbiter in any discussions and it is that authority of the scriptures that has kept GODS house sane for centuries.

2-The Church of the Lord Jesus is a missions orientated church. Its mandate is to go not for people to come. I have spoken to many young pastors who came to see me because their ministries were not growing. Most of these ministries are premised on signs and wonders and not on the principle of making disciples according to Mark 16v15 and Matt 28v18-20. GOD never said to bring them in but to GO. If your ministry or church is not going you are going nowhere. It may grow from the popularity of a man but will die when that man goes elsewhere. Jesus never drew people to himself but to his purpose. If you are spending more money on appearances than you do on evangelism it’s your church not GODS house.

3-The church of the Lord Jesus Christ is a Loving and united church. I saw it in the early 80’s the beginning of a movement which called other Christians Horonite’s if they were not members of that ministry. Today they are a byword and over 70% of that ministry gone. There was no love they were a movement that had no love and were brash about what they did. Jesus said to love one another. Today you see it in our big prophetic movements which believe they can just swallow up every other church whilst they hardly have any teaching structures and so all they produce are these staid stale people with no love for GOD or their fellowman but are simply church militia.

4-The church of the Lord Jesus is teaching Church. Preaching motivates people, Prophetic and healing ministry awes people but teaching grounds people. Part of the reason for the reason for the senseless Christless behavior of many Christians is the lack of biblical grounding. Too many people have been caught up in movements that have nothing to do with salvation. It’s like the evangelical pastors in the USA who are supporting Donald Trump. It doesn’t matter that he is not born again as long as he is wealthy to them it’s a sign he is blessed by GOD. This is what happens when our doctrine is bits and pieces borrowed from the bible for narrow minded purposes.

5-The church of the Lord Jesus Christ is a social commentator. We now have prophets who have become part of the problem as they refuse to speak into the political atmosphere but will be loud when it comes to the benefits. Prophets were supposed to speak into the social space so that even if people reject the Lord it would not be because of something wrong we are doing but their own personal choices. The church is the conscience of the nation and society and it can’t afford to be part of the problem.

6-The church of the Lord Jesus is a model in society. People need to see and desire what we have and who we are. We were never meant to become a laughing stock and a pariah to society. Men of GOD were meant to be humble and wise, not arrogant and show offs. When we are blessed we are meant to carry the blessing with dignity. Today one can’t tell the difference between worldly musical celebrities and man of GOD hence we have celebrities now endorsing men of GOD instead of the other way round.


Servant Bothwell Phiri