Prophetic Training School

29 May to 2 June 2017 @ 5.30pm-7.30pm daily.

In this era when the Restoration of the Prophetic has been mixed with a lot that has nothing to do with this wonderful ministry, a lot of teaching is needed for us to avoid the current confusion over what is prophetic an what is fake.

1 – Pastors seeking to learn more about this ministry.
2 – Those with a calling to this ministry.
3 – Those seeking to learn more about this ministry.


@How do I know what is truly prophetically from GOD and what is fake?
@I am called into the prophetic ministry but I don’t know how to have the calling activated.
@What is the difference between a person with a gift of prophecy and another who operates in the office of a prophet?
@What is the function of a prophet and how do I relate the prophetic in the modern era?
@What do i do with a prophecy given to me?
@Do I really have to pay someone to give me a word of prophecy?


These are some of the things we teach about in the school:
±We will interrogate personal prophecy and the parameters that define it.
±We will look at the function and operation of a true new testament biblical prophet.
±We study the 12 different streams of the prophetic and the differences of expression.
±We will also this year look at the function of prophetic tokens and their use in a biblical sense.
±We study GODS purpose for the Prophetic.
±We look at channels of prophecy. Is what we see today the only channel of prophecy?
±We consider the timings of GOD in the realm of the prophetic and study the 4Ws being the Word, the Will, the Watch and The Way.
±Hindrances to personal prophecy and how to prepare for your word.
±The 12 ways GOD communicates.
On the last day we will go though the practicals of actual prophesying over individuals so there is a live demonstration. We will also give time for the manifestation of the gifting by participants so as to bolster their confidence.

Visit River Store on our website and search for the Prophetic Training School Manual and purchase online via Telecash, Ecocash, Mastercard or VISA and you will receive your copy via email within 24hours after purchase.

At Jubilee Restoration Centre
No.9 Josiah Chinamano Road, Belmont, Bulawayo, Zimbabwe

Connect online from any device.

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