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Every human being is created by GOD with awesome shocking potential. The potential is because mankind is a seed that is born with seed inside. This is why men can procreate because they have seed inside them. Every seed on the other hand has the ability to reproduce itself in its warped state or its original state. This is why seed companies select seed and never put forward any poor quality seed. I came today by the grace of GOD to tell you that the selection process for your life is your decision. It is you today who chooses to be the very best of what you can be. Everyone reading this post right now has the unlimited power and potential to be the very best that they can ever be.

QUESTION: Why then would you want to settle for less when you can be the very best you can ever be?

The future belongs to the highly motivated.

The future belongs to those who can envision greatness without waiting for someone to give them handouts.

The future belongs to those with the brutal desire to succeed and therefore prepared to invest whatever it takes to become successful.

The future belongs to the never say die who do not brook excuses and who are committed to excellence in whatever they touch.

The future belongs to the obsessed who are so focused on what their calling is that they are prepared to suffer temporary pain in order to achieve eternal peace and accomplishment.

The future belongs to the informed, to the wise, to the understanding who never bury their heads in the sand and allow things to dictate what quality of life they must live.

You are the future. You are the greatness that was announced in this world with shrill screams the day you were born. You are the one who in spite of being raised by a single mom you have risen up to defy convention. You are the tomorrow, You are the future but you need to appreciate and embrace the power of choice you have in order to be the greatness GOD created you to be. I dare you to affirm yourself at the bottom of this note, I dare you to describe yourself in the greatness you have been created in or just to declare without any shame “I am greatness in the making.”

Let me hear you now. Let me hear your shout of resurrection, Let me hear the Lion shake out of its shame. You were never meant to play with the cats, You were never meant to pretend to be a chicken when you were created an eagle.


Servant Bothwell Phiri



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